Brain Injuries at Work in Miami

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Causes of brain injuries at work

There are many ways in which a brain injury can occur in the workplace. The nature of your job may increase the risk of you experiencing a head injury. For example, construction workers are more likely to suffer a head trauma, hence the requirement for them to wear hard hats when on site.

Some of the most common causes of workplace head injuries include:

  • Falling off of something, such as a ladder or roof, which causes the worker to hit their head. Approximately 35% of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. are the result of some form of fall.

  • Slipping or tripping and hitting your head.

  • Being underneath a falling object.

  • Walking into an object and hitting it with your head.

  • Being involved in a work-based road traffic accident.

  • Chemical exposure.

The effects of a brain injury

A head injury may cause external damage to the skill, or internal damage to the brain. The effects of a brain injury can vary widely depending on the severity of the damage sustained and brain function can be temporarily or irreversibly impaired.

In the case of a minor head injury, the patient may experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, memory problems, and irritability. These are symptoms of a temporary brain impairment known as a concussion.

Here are some of the most common effects of moderate to severe brain injuries.

Cognitive effects of a brain injury

  • Memory problems, particularly with the short-term and working memory.

  • Language loss (known as aphasia) which refers to the inability to make sense of what is said/read, and/or finding it difficult to find the right words to express yourself.

  • Impairment of visual-perceptive skills, such as finding your way around a building or constructing objects.

  • Reduced concentration span.

  • Difficulty in motivating oneself.

  • Repetition.

  • Impaired reasoning

Communication problems sustained as a result of a brain injury

  • Aphasia (see above).

  • Speech difficulties.

  • Poor social skills.

Physical effects of a brain injury

  • Mobility problems.

  • Spasticity.

  • Weakness or paralysis.

  • Ataxia, an incontrollable movement or tremor that affects the co-ordination of movements.

  • Epilepsy.

  • Sensory problems.

Other effects of a brain injury

  • Problems with executive functioning.

  • Behavioral effects such as impulsiveness, obsessiveness, aggression or depression.

  • Post-traumatic amnesia.

  • Coma.

  • Locked-in syndrome. This is a rare condition in which a patient is aware of themselves and what is happening around them, but they are unable to move or speak.

Brain injuries and worker’s compensation

Brain injuries are often one of the most difficult types of medical case when it comes to worker’s compensation. Proving that you have sustained a traumatic brain injury in the course of your work normally requires the knowledge and expertise of a medical expert and an experienced worker’s compensation attorney.

Florida law requires employers to purchase worker’s compensation coverage, which provides an employee who has suffered an injury in the line of work with a number of financial benefits. Worker’s compensation can cover the cost of your medical bills, loss of earnings and other costs accumulated through reemployment services.

Our knowledgeable and experienced attorney specializes in pursuing worker’s compensation cases, including those for brain injuries, in Miami and the South Florida area. We will be able to advise you if you have a viable claim for worker’s compensation.

Pursuing a compensation claim for a brain injury

If you have suffered from a brain injury that was caused by the negligence of a third person or party, your claim will rest on the evidence that can be collated about your injury. These could include:

  • photographs of the injury

  • witnesses from statements who saw the injury occur

  • any CCTV or other footage of the incident

  • reports from any first responders or medical professionals

The team here at Juan Lucas Alvarez, P.A. have extensive experience in gathering the evidence and documentation necessary to construct a solid case for fair and adequate compensation for the physical, psychological and financial damages you have sustained as a result of a traumatic brain injury at work. Contact our office today at 305-442-7375​​​​​​​ for a confidential, complimentary consultation.

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