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Worker's Compensation

Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Workplace Injuries

Our lawyers represent injured workers in Miami and throughout South Florida who have suffered a broad range of work-related injuries and maladies, such as:

  • Back injuries
  • Knee injuries such as meniscus tears
  • Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears
  • Head injuries such as concussions or traumatic brain injury
  • Hand injuries
  • Occupational illnesses

We work closely with injury victims, providing them with the timely assistance and personalized attention they deserve. Our success is based in great measure to the extensive experience we possess in this area, having spent years representing workers’ compensation insurance companies. We know what makes and breaks workers’ compensation claims, and today we put this knowledge to work when we represent injured victims and help ensure that insurance companies provide the coverage and compensation they deserve.

Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Workplace Injuries

If you have been hurt, documentation is key. You must report your injury within 30 days and then seek the appropriate medical treatment. For more information, see the following:

Hurt in a Workers’ Compensation Accident?

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